St Croix Valley Regional Tourism Alliance


Take a swing at Saint Croix valley golf

You know that feeling?   The feeling when you place your ball on the tee, line up your shot, take a swing and watch that ball sail so perfectly through the air and land in a spot that gives you a clear second shot?  That’s the feeling golfers live for, no matter how elusive it may be.

Other than that elusive, yet attainable “perfect shot”, your favorite memories of golf usually involve gorgeous greens, amazing tee box views, blue skies, and a cool drink at the 19th hole.  Your visit to the Saint Croix valley can include all of that….and more. There are nearly two dozen courses in the valley and no two are alike.

When you are planning your visit to the Saint Croix valley the only question you need to answer is this one – “Should I bring my own clubs, or rent some while I’m there?”

Chisago Lakes Golf Course

Chisago Lakes Golf Course 12975 292nd St. Lindstrom, MN. 651- 257-1484

Emerald Greens Golf

Emerald Greens Golf 14425 Goodwin Ave. Hastings MN. 651-480-8558

New Richmond Golf Club

New Richmond Golf Club 1226 180th Avenue New Richmond, WI. 715-246-6724

St. Croix National Golf Club

St. Croix National Gold Club 1603 32nd St Somerset, WI. 715 -247-4200

Troy Burne Golf Club

Troy Burne Golf Club 295 Lindsay Road Hudson, WI., 715-381-9800 · 877-888-8633